United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon
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Honeycomb Activated Carbon

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Block for vapor phase adsorption applications

Close up of Honeycomb structure
Low Pressure Drop/High BWC/Easily desorbed

Environmental Expert.com News Release for new Honeycomb Activated Carbon Block:

UMI-2000 is the manufacturer's representative in the USA of this new Honeycomb Activated Carbon product that has revolutionized vapor phase adsorption applications in industry - including handling of petroleum fuel products at gasoline bulk terminals and refineries.  A patented process produces this extruded carbon block product with superior adsorptive capacity, high Butane Working Capacity and easily desorbed with heat and vacuum.  Suitable for VOC adsorption from paint spray booths, odor control at WWTPs, Air Stripper off-gas etc.

Consider the following features and advantages of using Honeycomb carbon block over traditional pellet and granular activated carbons:

1. The honeycomb structure has a pore size range of 10-2,000 Angstroms and a BET surface area range of ~200-3,000 sq.m/gm!
2. The honeycomb carbon block is desorbed with liquid ring vacuum pumps and a small quantity of heated condensable compound free air - the adsorbed compounds are stripped!
3. The pressure drop at a given linear gas velocity for Honeycomb carbon block containing 200 cpsi (cells per square inch) is 11 times lower than densely packed 4mm pellet extruded activated carbon!
4. Honeycomb structures may be pressed into cubes, round cylinders, oval, square and rectangular cylinders!
5. The shorter distances for internal diffusion mass transfer for honeycomb carbon leads to faster saturation and desorption rates and thus shorter cycle times!
6. Honeycomb adsorbent can be purged of fuel compounds and solvents using a vacuum above 100 mbar!
7. Honeycomb carbon has a much higher specific surface area compared to other carbon structures!
8. Honeycomb carbon block has a lower level of carbon attrition and dust-related problems due to carbon attrition are minimized!
9. Honeycomb carbon block is available in 100, 200, 300 or 400 cpsi!
10. Honeycomb block carbon is only 15% more expensive than 4mm pellets and has 3 times the surface area for adsorption!!

Give us a call for more information on Honeycomb Activated Carbon Block: Tel/Fax: 530-528-1361 

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