United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon
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Hydrogen Sulfide Cat-Ox 4mm pellet Activated Carbon

High Hydrogen Sulfide capacity (81.5% by weight) metal-oxide treated 4mm pellet Activated Carbon


4mm pellet Cat-OX Activated Carbon
Apparent Density: 0.450 +/- 0.020 g/cc
Hardness Number: 95
Butane Activity: 27.4
CTC: 70
H2S Capacity: 0.36 g/cc (Typical Analysis 0.378 g/cc)
Iodine Number: 1200 mg/g

Higher capacity for Hydrogen Sulfide than Odorcarb Ultra, Addsorb Sulfox-HC, Sulphasorb XL, Midas OCM and Minotaur OC.  20% higher capacity than any of the competition!  Not made in China.

UMI-2000 Activated Carbon
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