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UMI-2000 production factories are ISO-9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Certified! After many years in the activated carbon business, we have well established facilities for the manufacture, testing, packaging, warehousing, transport and installation of activated carbon and ion exchange resins. All our media is thoroughly quality checked and none are shipped that do not conform to customer required specifications - NSF/ANSI Standard 61 by UL, AWWA Standards B600 (PAC) & B604 (GAC), B605 (Reactivated GAC), Water and Food Chemical Codex - ASTM Test Methods. Technical data sheets are provided for our entire range of products. Certificates of analysis and MSDS accompany each FTL shipment. 

4mm Pellet Activated Carbon
60, 70 or 80 CTC low ash bituminous coal


UMI-2000 know activated carbon! We know how to control the activation process. Critical procedures during the manufacture of our GAC are carefully designed to produce a final product of high hardness, low ash, exact particle size and low fines content - all with superior volume activity, well developed pore structure and exceptional adsorptive capacity. Our "triple-check" QC system guarantees the specifications of your activated carbon. Adsorption systems are designed using advanced computerized isotherm programs. Send your operational parameters and let us build a system for you!