United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon
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Bulk Delivery


From Ocean Container to Tank Trailer


Supersacks of Activated Carbon

Bulk tank trailers
A fleet of bulk tank trailers ready to mobilize

UMI-2000 are well experienced at International distribution. Our activated carbon and resins are freight forwarded via ocean container to major ports in North America. Strategic warehousing ensures timely receipt and customs transfer of your adsorption materials. A fleet of Southwestern Pneumatic bulk tankers are awaiting your order to mobilize! Trailers are equipped to slurry bulk GAC or blow off powdered PAC to your adsorption columns, municipal filter bays and silos. CALL NOW! 530-528-1361 or Fax us your RFQ for a decent rate on bulk delivery!

UMI-2000 - Red Bluff CA - Tel/Fax: 530-528-1361