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United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

HPAF-8000 Duplex
Activated Carbon Adsorption system

"I am pleased to share with you that we received our first set of testing results for disinfection byproducts in our system in January and they were incredible! Our system has always had a problem meeting the state guidelines for TTHM (80Mg/L) and HAA5 (60 Mg/L). Our results were non-detect for HAA5 and 1.4mg/L for TTHM. We are so pleased with the carbon system!" - General Manager of N. California Water Treatment Plant.

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UMI-2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange (IX) Resins and Adsorption Filtration Equipment. Eastern, Central and Western USA distribution points stock activated carbon in all forms - GAC, PAC and Extruded Pellets (EAC) from coal, coconut shell, wood and hard anthracite. We also design, size and build custom fabricated liquid and vapor phase activated carbon adsorption systems. Additional filter media we offer are organically modified clay, filter sand & gravel, anthracite and specialty impregnated activated carbon(s). Full technical support including isotherms and activated carbon use rate estimates.  

UMI-2000 can mobilize manpower and equipment to any site in the USA to remove and re-install Activated Carbons. We have handled the toughest applications including confined space entry.

Two (2) x 20,000 lbs GAC change out
Slurry transfer of spent GAC and installation of virgin GAC

Our bituminous coal and coconut shell activated carbons are NSF 61 Certified and meet AWWA B604 Standard, Food and Water Chemical Codex, our factory is ISO-9001 QMS Certified for the production of Activated Carbon.  ASTM test methods are performed on our carbons in the lab and no carbons are put into a container for shipping until passing QC testing.

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UMI-2000 is certified by the US Defense Logistics Agency and is a Central Contractor Registered Company recently migrated to SAM.  DUNS Number 186664871 Cage Code 1PK39.  Our customers and experience cover a broad range of adsorption applications from PAC dosing at Municipal WTPs to groundwater restoration at Federal DoE Superfund Sites. UMI-2000 "Krakatau" brand premium virgin coconut shell Activated Carbon is used to remove DBP precursors and trace organic chemical contaminants like MTBE. Our IX Resins are proven effective for the removal of Perchlorate, Chromium, Nitrate, heavy metals and non-metallic toxic elements from groundwater.  If your application is the remediation of groundwater or soil contaminated by synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, NSF Municipal or Industrial water filtration, sewage treatment plant odor control, gas phase recovery of solvents, gasoline vapor recovery at fuel loading terminals or refineries, automotive spray paint booth VOC control, removal of Hg Mercury from Taconite mining plants, flue gas Hg control at MWCs, LUST ground water cleanup at gas stations, Municipal or industrial water softening, specialized impregnated activated carbon applications or any other commercial utilization of adsorption or ion exchange - 
UMI-2000 are available to provide support for the success of your project.
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Two (2) 10,000 lbs capacity Activated Carbon Adsorbers shipping out to VT

UMI-2000 - Headquarters - Red Bluff CA 96080 USA

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